This blog chronicles the importance of and efforts to return to Mother Earth in spirit and in body. This journey is not one of primitivism or reenactment of an earlier age. It's hope is to inspire me to find the middle ground between necessities of the 21st Century, the need to find a simpler way of life, and our ethical responsibility to protect the land and preserve our natural resources.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

A hymnal for voicing change

I recently finished reading Principles of Ecological Design: Integrating Technology, Economics, and Ecology by Art Ludwig. This slim book presents some radical ideas for rethinking the fabric of one's existance. The principles Art has clearly and consisely presented include:
• Follow nature’s example
• Transcend market culture
• Intervene as little as possible
• Context is everything
• Appropriate technology
• Moderate and efficient resource use
• Individual thought and action
• Green living inspiration
• Cooperative anarchy
• True progress
• True comfort
• Preserving our legacy of ancient wisdom
• Alternatives to the conventional score board for success

I suggest that anyone finding this blog interesting, order the book from Oasis Design. While you're at it, check out the other titles in the backlist.


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