This blog chronicles the importance of and efforts to return to Mother Earth in spirit and in body. This journey is not one of primitivism or reenactment of an earlier age. It's hope is to inspire me to find the middle ground between necessities of the 21st Century, the need to find a simpler way of life, and our ethical responsibility to protect the land and preserve our natural resources.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Raise high the roof beam, carpenters

As Buddy Glass would, I realize that many are more qualified than I to start a life-changing journey. For many, the journey is the destination--as many a American writer-turn-builder will testify. Fran Lebowitz once said that men "have this sneaking suspicion that writing is not the most masculine profession." Perhaps, then the construction of a cabin with the sweat of the brow has become an ultimate rite of passage for elite wordsmiths: [Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman (1948); Michael Pollan, A Place of My Own (Random House, 1997); David McCullough, 1776 (Simon & Schuster, 2005); and of course, Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), Walden (Houghton Mifflin Co., 1948), among many]. (Though he did not build a cabin, John Muir walked a long, unbeaten path, which, suffice to say, is the same destination.)

I begin the transformation of a lifestyle and the construction of a sustainable cabin with the knowledge that my journey shall be more like entering detox. It will be fraught with the shakes and manifestations of going cold turkey. The sudden jolt of a 21st Century man used to TV, eating out, shopping, and "modern conveniences" suddenly embarking on massive cutbacks--to sock money away and rehabilitate mind and spirit--will be shocking, to say the least. To say the most, it will be stressful, aggravating, and a slippery rock unto familiar habits. The journey is the journey. The destination is the destination.


Blogger cabinbabe said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that when it comes to Fran Lebowitz, she really knows about "things masculine" She's definitely an MOT but I don't belong to her church

Sunday, July 16, 2006  
Blogger cabinboy said...

Hilarious, cabinbabe.

Sunday, July 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006  
Anonymous kari said...

WOW! Once again your talents amaze me! BigCabin I definately get remember my brief cabin experience(my parents basement)! As far as the mid life awakening ...remember you make people smile by your creative ability to help brand and add flavour to the monotonous surroundings that are trying to get our business and money. My eyes always dance when I see your design work! PLease invite me to the cabin so I can help Paint!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Thursday, July 20, 2006  

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