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Friday, July 31, 2009


Daniel Boone was my cousin. Or more precisely, I am his. My mother can tell you a great deal more about that than I. He's related to someone who married someone who was remarried to someone who did this or that and wound up under the buffalo blanket with someone else who was my cousin. It seems like a tall tale, but it is true—and I have incontrovertible proof.

At the age of 76, Daniel Boone, his old friends from Kentucky Michael Stoner and James Bridges, Flanders Callaway and his slave Mose, and Boone's grandsons Derry and Will Hays, Jr. set out west to hunt and explore the upper Missouri River in 1810. They made it to Yellowstone and back to Missouri during the six-month trek.

One of the stereopticon images of Daniel Boone is really my father. He was born in a log cabin that he built with his own hands some 75 years ago. As far as I know he never lived in Kentucky, but has wandered the mountains of Missouri and has made his home in Yellowstone Park. And like Daniel Boone, he's still adventurous and still plans shooting time with his black-powder muzzleloaders. If there is ever a doubt that I have the blood of Daniel Boone racing through my veins, I just have to review this photo.

Dad (and probably Daniel, as well) are wearing elk buckskins (Dad is also wearing a typical calico shirt); Indian chokers; hunting bags with hunting and trapping necessities: flint and steel, char cloth, percussion caps or flints, a flint knapper, lead balls, patch knife, patching, short starter, bear grease, knipple pick, and others; and two powder horns (the priming horn and the black-powder horn. The men also carried "possibility bags" (the ancestor of the "man purse") to conceal clothing, books, extra moccasins, and of course, Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill Wine (no not really).


Blogger Storyteller said...

Actually your Great Grandfather was Hezekiah Boone A. His brother was Jesse Boone A., and many uncles have the name Boone. Stories have been told for years of the "cousin" relationship to Daniel but proof of this remains elusive. Bible records located go back to the year 1800 but do not list your Great Great Grandmother's parents names. The story is that her grandmother was a sister of Daniel Boone. It is difficult to research as all the glory goes to Daniel and not to his siblings.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006  
Blogger cabinbabe said...

Your dad certainly does present a fine looking modern day version of Daniel Boone, without the "fringe" benefit of his fame. He has a more daring sense of adventure (than Daniel Boone) to dress that way in the 21st century
I suppose the cabin is imprinted in your genes, as is the sense of exploration into new territory.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006  

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