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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Log Home Living essentials

According to Log Home Living magazine, there are several elements of design a cabin builder should consider to make sure everyone enjoys a relaxing visit and family and friends can pile in to experience “cabin life.”

  1. Allow space to move around.
  2. Incorporate an “L-shape” design and prep island.
  3. Create a “quick place”—a breakfast bar where you can eat on the run.
  4. Find the ultimate table—something big enough for group meals and late-night gatherings.
  1. Consider lower ceilings; they are cozier
  2. Less is more. Incorporate fewer knickknacks and try hanging lamps to open up table space.
  3. Use creative dividers as spacial cues.
  1. Add light and ventilation. Windows let in sunlight and fresh air.
  2. Carve out sleeping space, such as built-in beds for guests.
  3. Stretch the space. Add gable or shed dormers to the roof.
  1. Make the hearth the focal point.
  2. Keep the hearth central to the floorplan.
  3. Utilize a qualified artisan to build a quality hearth.
  4. Consider alternatives to a fireplace for heating (e.g., woodstove).
  1. Outdoor spaces affects the rooms indoors.
  2. Check all the angles. Look at all elevations to make sure the overall look of the cabin is excellent.
  3. Protect logs. A porch or deck in the wrong spot could cause damage by transferring water or snow back to the house.
  4. Design and furnish outdoor spaces for their uses.
OK. Not much new, though the editor was speaking to modern weekenders. Checking off the essentials, my cabin design incorporated just about everything except the huge, multi-functional kitchen.


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Blogger Storyteller said...

Keep dreaming! Your Dad always wished for a log cabin - always wanted a place to be by himself to read and think. Someday perhaps!

Saturday, August 26, 2006  
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