This blog chronicles the importance of and efforts to return to Mother Earth in spirit and in body. This journey is not one of primitivism or reenactment of an earlier age. It's hope is to inspire me to find the middle ground between necessities of the 21st Century, the need to find a simpler way of life, and our ethical responsibility to protect the land and preserve our natural resources.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Homeward bound, again.

In the time that it has taken me to regain the spirit to write this blog (yes, you very few readers, it has been months to regain the passion that once was), I have allowed many doubts and other interests to take hold of my soul. For several years now, I have had the good fortune to reach an equilibrium—one that very often tilts to the joyous side--though that wasn't always the case. For the last six months, though I have remained positive and cheery, I didn't have the creative drive necessary to replenish the well of dreams. Surprisingly, it is the feeling of restlessness that has tindered an awakening.


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